The goal of our investment process is to help our clients achieve their stated long-term investment objectives overtime at the appropriate level of risk. We begin the investment process by first developing and implementing a customized asset allocation model for each client. The proscribed asset allocation model is based largely on the results of an in-depth analysis of each client's personal financial situation which includes their stated risk tolerance, investment goals, time horizon, required return, tax situation, and overall financial capacity. Our analytical process culminates with the preparation of a personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The Investment Policy Statement will be submitted to the client for approval. Upon approval and acceptance by ModernWealthConcepts LLC, the investment selection and portfolio management process can begin. 

Clients can work with us on investments in one of two ways.

1) Investment Consulting: Fee - Base Charge plus Hourly Rate 

*Evaluate current holdings and accounts wherever they are located (401(k), 403b, 457 Plans, deferred compensation, IRA, Taxable, SEP, Variable Annuities, SIMPLEs, Trusts)

*Transform collection of investment holdings into a coordinated, goals based, portfolio utilizing the available investment vehicles provided within each respective account in accordance with the "Investment Policy Statement" 

*Create and deliver a "Schedule of Investments" to the client(s)

*Review and rebalance portfolio holdings based on the guidelines established by the client(s) 

*Provide a consolidated portfolio view to client through the "Client View Portal"


2) Investment Advisory Services: Fee - Quarterly fee based on Assets Under Management

*Receive cash or holdings into an account established at the client-designated custodian

*Liquidate all investment holdings that are not in accordance with the MWC Master Portfolio

*Invest cash into the investment vehicles outlined in the MWC Master Portfolio

*Monitor and rebalance portfolio holdings in accordance with the guidelines established in the IPS

*Provide quarterly reporting statements to the client(s)

*Provide consolidated portfolio view to the client through the "Client View Portal"


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**Note: all fees and charges are clearly disclosed in advance, in writing, and agreed to by the client(s), fees charged by MWC does not include fees and/or charges by your custodian