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Retirement in America is changing.  Corporate pension plans are rapidly converting from defined benefit plans (traditional pensions) to defined contribution plans such as 401(k) or 403(b) plans.  Defined contribution plans can best be thought of as "do-it-yourself" retirement plans. "Do-it-yourself" plans shift the burden of planning, saving, and investing for retirement from employer to employee.  As a result, American workers are being forced to go from "stuff accumulators" to true wealth builders. That's because it takes a considerable amount of wealth to fund a comfortable retirement.  Yet many American workers (far too many) fail to take advantage of the retirement savings vehicles currently offered by their employers.

The problem is many Americans do not fully understand the level of savings required to adequately prepare for retirement.  They lack the personal financial management skills necessary to be able to build wealth and pay "the bills".   

Studies show, that the failure to adequately build wealth for retirement is largely a behavioral problem.  In many cases it is a matter of priorities and choices. The inability to save for retirement, as with many behavioral problems, can be solved with a thoughtful mixture of education, training, and coaching from an experienced and unbiased source. 

Making smart financial decisions over time is the most important ingredient in building wealth. This applies to people of all ages, income levels, and professions.

For the most part, our financial services industry, despite their marketing claims, is basically focused on "selling" rather than "educating".  Their advice, in many cases, is biased and self-serving. In our opinion they are a part of the problem.

At ModernWealthConcepts LLC, (The Institute of Personal Finance Project) we partner with corporate sponsors to offer onsite education, training, and one-on-one coaching sessions all designed to help American workers of all income levels maximize the effectiveness of their financial resources over time.  We help our clients create space (budgeting) in their finances so they can effectively save for retirement and beyond. We teach, train, and coach them on how to build wealth through saving and investing over time.  

Your employees learn to accomplish more with their current income and 401(k) plan.

Our programs focus on "Budgeting and Cash Management", "Credit and Debt Management", "Risk Management", "Investment Planning" and "Retirement Planning" while at all times relaying your Corporate Message.
Our corporate partners benefit from increased participation in the company sponsored retirement plan across all sectors of the workforce.  They also benefit from a workforce that is more stable financially and by extension, more productive.  Greater financial stability lowers employee stress and leads to a more productive workforce.

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