Managing Your Cash Flow

Strategic Budget: A carefully crafted spending plan that will enable you to maximize the effectiveness of your financial resources so that over time, you can build sustainable wealth and achieve long-term financial security for yourself, your family, and future generations.

Process Steps: Creating a Comprehensive Spending Plan

Client Preparation: Client completes a budget worksheet in preparation for the first meeting. The process goal is to get the client(s) thinking, on a preliminary basis, about how they spend money.

Session 1: a) Intensive budget review session designed to help the client(s) understand how they actually spend money. b) Review and Analysis of the completed budget worksheet in order to ascertain a clear picture of the client's actual financial situation. We will discuss the findings and implications with the client.

Session 2: Help the client set clear financial goals and order priorities for spending.  Help the client(s) understand the need and process for allocating financial resources to their highest priority items including regular savings for periodic expenses, emergency fund, debt reduction, retirement, buying a home, and other goals.

Session 3: Finished Product: Create a comprehensive spending plan designed to accomplish the client's well-thought-out, prioritized goals and objectives. Discuss the tactical implementation steps with the client(s).

If we can make your life work on paper, including your living expenses, prioritized goals, and savings objectives then we have a good chance of making it work in real life.  

Enjoy life and build wealth, you can do both but you need a plan.