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Estate Planning

Who needs an estate plan? Chances are, you do. You may think that estate planning is just for the super wealthy, but it’s not.  In fact, an estate plan may actually be more important if you have a smaller estate, because your final expenses will have a much greater impact on your estate and there’s a much greater possibility that your loved ones could suffer from a lack of financial resources.

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The fact is, without an estate plan, you can’t control what happens to your minor children and property if you die or become incapacitated.

Generally, people create estate plans because they want that control. They also want to make sure that their wishes are clear in order to avoid family disputes. In addition, they care about preserving their property for their loved ones and want to make sure that their loved ones are properly provided for.

We are not attorneys, so we do not prepare legal documents. However, we can help you to think comprehensively about your goals and objectives and help you craft a plan to maximize the effectiveness of your financial resources both during and after life.

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