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Risk Management 

Risk is defined as uncertainty concerning the occurrence of a loss.  A loss exposure is defined as any situation or circumstance in which a loss is possible such as an auto accident, premature death of a breadwinner, fire damage, or lawsuit, regardless of whether a loss occurs.

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Risk and everyday living go hand in hand. Most risks can be classified into one of three categories: property, personal, and liability. There are three ways to manage risk, retention, avoidance, or transfer. Understanding the risks associated with your personal lifestyle is the most important part of the risk management process.

The risk management process generally involves the use of insurance in the form of life, health, disability, unemployment, liability, homeowners, and long-term care policies as effective tools to transfer risk.

You cannot eliminate risk by ignoring it. We will work closely with you to develop a plan to minimize the impact of a loss occurrence on your ability to build sustainable wealth over time.

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