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Retirement Classroom

Retirement in America - Retirement Training Program

MWC Institute of Personal Finance – Project

Cheryl Donnell - Director

Retirement in America is changing. Corporate pension plans are rapidly converting from defined benefit plans (traditional pensions) to defined contribution plans such as 401(k) or 403b plans. Defined contribution plans can best be thought of as "do-it-yourself" retirement plans. "Do-it-yourself" plans shift the burden of planning, saving, and investing for retirement from employer to employee. As a result, American workers must now become effective wealth builders if they hope to one-day, fund their retirement dreams.

The problem however, is many American workers fail to fully comprehend the level of savings required to adequately fund a 25-year retirement. Studies show only 32% of American workers report they are "very confident" in their ability to live comfortably in retirement. That is because many workers lack the personal financial management skills necessary to comprehensively plan and execute a long-term savings and investment plan from start to finish.

The Retirement Builder Training Program is designed to help you take control of the entire process of building the level of wealth you will need to fund your retirement dream. Because, when it's all said and done, you get the retirement you can afford not necessarily the one you dream about.

Who should attend this course?

This course is perfect for people who are within 20 years of retirement, do not expect to receive significant pension support, and are concerned about accumulating sufficient wealth during their working years so they can retire on schedule and remain retired. This course is ideal for people who are determined to aggressively take charge of the retirement process from start to finish.

What you will learn?

  1. You will learn how to accurately calculate the cost of your retirement dream and then translate that dream into an ongoing savings requirement. (Planning)
  2. You will learn how to create space in your finances to be able to adequately save and invest over time for retirement while still enjoying the life style you want. (Personal Financial Management)
  3. You will learn how to leverage your savings into sustainable wealth over time through thoughtful investment practices. (Investing)

In other words, you will learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your financial resources over time so you can build wealth and achieve long-term financial security for yourself, your family, and future generations.

Course Outline:

Module One: Retirement Planning: Translating your retirement dream into clear goals, objectives, and priorities

Module Two: Personal Financial Management: Managing your personal cash flow into the seeds of wealth

Module Three: Investing for Retirement: Leveraging your savings into wealth over time

Classes meet for three consecutive Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:30 pm

About the Instructor

Keith Donnell MBA, CFP® is an experienced, dynamic speaker. His knowledge and depth of
professional experience as a personal financial counselor and public speaker allow him to effectively tailor his delivery to the sophistication level of his audience.

He can simplify even the most complex financial topics to make them both understandable and most importantly, actionable. Keith travels all over the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey providing workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions for both for profit and nonprofit organizations.

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